English born Dean Yurke has worked in the film industry for over 25 years and has credits on over 50 major motion pictures.


After graduating with a degree in media production and a masters in computer animation, his award winning student film landed him a job with Terry Gilliam’s visual effects company Peerless. There he headed the computer graphics department and was computer graphics supervisor on several notable features including 12 Monkeys, The Edge and Surviving Picasso.


In 1997 Dean moved to California to join George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic to work on the Star Wars prequels. He has worked as an animator, digital artist or sequence supervisor on some of the highest grossing franchises of all time including Star Wars, Transformers, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Avengers and Avatar.


Here is a sample of Dean’s compositing work completed at Industrial Light & Magic

For Stay Out Stay Alive we completed over 450 VFX shots ranging from digital set extensions, matte paintings, split takes, atmospheric effects, blue screen composites, digital animals, ghosts and rock falls.


And all of them completed on a ridiculously cost effective budget. How? By making the show composite heavy and by focusing the VFX to use as much in camera photography as possible supplemented with practical effects from stock libraries. As storytellers we know that the audience only need to be kept within the story, to believe the images they’re seeing from one cut to the next. Thousands of hours of expensive VFX are wasted on things that 99% of the audience don’t even see. We’ll work with you to target your budget to where it’s really needed and produce spectacular imagery in the process.